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Solar Ultra

Solar Thermal System

The Solar Thermal System is a renewable technology utilizing solar energy to produce the expected amount of hot water through the means of solar collectors.  With our Israel’s solar thermal technology and knowledge from Thailand’s leading engineers and manufacturing team, we are able to achieve the highest satisfaction for our clients. ASEAN’s geography and weather circumstance leads to a tremendous advantage on solar thermal system.

We are the specialist in designing the most efficient renewable system for our clients.  With trusted by many public listed company, Water Systems & Service is the leading one-stop service solution for thermal system.

Benefits of Solar Ultra

  • Provides FREE and unlimited concentrated energy
  • Proven reliability in cost-saving functions
  • Fast return on investment and a short repayment period of less than 4 years
  • Significantly low maintenance cost
  • Designed to produce stable heated water and has long lasting features
  • Lower carbon footprint for an eco-friendly and sustainable business
  • No dismantling of any current machinery
Solar Water Heater

Solar Thermal Collector Manufacturer

Solar Water Heater

Flat Plate Collector

We are the leading Solar Thermal Collector manufacturer in Thailand.  We manufacture Solar Thermal Collector with high quality materials and technology from Israel.

We produce a made-to-order Solar Collector in our factory with a fully-customize product for our client.

  • Absorber Plate – Specially designed V-Shape aluminium plate
  • Tubing Grid – Long-lasting high quality copper pipe
  • Piping Connection – Unique design which reduces the needs of large pumps
  • Solar Glass – Pattern glazed glass that prevents reflection and traps solar radiation
  • Insulation – Aluminium sheet with 30 mm thick layers of Polyurethane foam
  • Casing – Thick aluminium frame and aluminium reinforcements
  • Back Plate – High quality Fiberglass back plate 

 Solar Funding

We understand that cost is one of the main issue in every business. To change and growth in response to the competitive market, Water Systems & Service have given an alternative for solar thermal system to save an initial cost that would results in a sustainable business.

    We search for funding of your “Solar Ultra”

  • We install a system funds by alternatives such as ESCO funds, Ministry of Energy, and affliate banks to lower initial cost
  • Payment condition will deal with the funds
  • We handle responsibility for researching and planning on your future solar thermal system
  • We cover all the installation of the solar thermal system for your business

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