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Water Systems and Service was founded in 1974 (2517) by experts from Thailand and Israel to provide water heating solutions in Thailand.  Water Systems and Service imports solar equipment from Israel.  Since the 1950s, Israel has developed and become the world’s leading professional in solar thermal energy.  Water Systems and Service combines the technologies and methods acquired from Israel with those from Europe, Australia, and America and tailors our products for the ASEAN environment. By combining the best technology and knowledge from around the world, we are able to achieve the unachievable. Water Systems and Service produces Thailand’s leading water heating solution.


Water Systems and Service has been providing “One-Stop Service Solutions” to clients for more than 40 years. We provide high quality services, ranging from installation to after-sales services in order to ensure our client’s satisfaction.  We provide high quality systems to a wide variety of clients—hotels, condominiums, resorts, factories, industries, massage parlors, hospitals, swimming pools, sports clubs, and even grand houses.  We are trusted by the ASEAN community, from public listed companies to individuals.


The importance of hot water usage is often overlooked by many. However, it is one of the main factors that contribute to the elimination of bacteria and viruses. In general, water of over 60 degrees Celsius is required to eliminate unwanted bacteria. Hot water can also be used to preheat water for steam boilers, reducing the time and energy it takes to produce the required steam. In hotels and resorts, the cost of generating hot water using electric boiler/heat usually accumulates to 30% of the overall cost. Water Systems and Service technologies are able to help you reduce that cost to 0% with a breakeven point within 1-3 years.


We will expand our technology throughout Southeast Asia.  We are aiming to reduce carbon emissions through the introduction of innovative technologies.


We aim to be the leading service provider in ASEAN for water heating solutions.


Customer satisfaction, excellent service, and high quality products are our priorities.  We believe in creating a green and sustainable environment for our future generations.


Water Systems & Service

Water Systems & Service is the leading one-stop solution provider of water heating solutions in Thailand.  With experiences of over 40 years in this particular field, we have been providing efficient solutions for our client.  We provide cost efficiency solutions for various public listed companies.  Water Systems & Service provide free energy solutions through solar technology, recovery heat, heat pump, and conventional electric boiler.  We offer an excellent after service and a yearly subscription for our clients.

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